Testimonials For "Black Jack"

Brett Lee – Australian fast bowler - “ I thought I was quick, this guy is like lightning “

Rick Ponting – Australian cricket captain - “ Jack was all class, and a thorough professional – great show”

Steve Liebmann – Television & radio presenter – “ Fantastic family fun. I loved every minute of it”

Benji Marshall – Tigers Football Star “Your so quick with those hands, amazing!”

Benny Elias – Australian League captain – “ Black Jack is in a world of his own – how does he do it? “

Wayne Pearce – Australian League player – “ I was amazed and entertained.”

Richard Branson – Virgin Boss – “ What a sterling performance Black Jack gave tonight, polished & professional… through and through”

Kerr Anne Kennerly – TV Presenter “ One of the best performers I have had the pleasure to see.”

Bob Hawke – Former Australian Prime Minister – “ Funnier than Malcolm Fraser’s trousers, and more baffling than a Costello budget -  An impressive showman.”

Paul Keating – Former Australian Prime Minister – “Yes, Black Jack’s show was first class. I asked if he could make John Howard disappear.”

Tracy Grimshaw – ACA presenter – “ I couldn’t believe some of the illusions….very impressive.”

Jimmy Barnes – Cold Chisel  - “it’s hard to keep focused on stage but Jack does it very well, and he makes it look easy, Bloody terrific mate “

Mikey Robbins – Comedian – “ One word that comes to mind is Magic – pure magic – oops that’s two words.”

Ritchie Benaud– Cricket commentator – “ Two marvelous hours of pure entertainment – First Class performance that.”